Who am I?

I am Bruce Ballad. I am a Computer Science Teacher, a Graphic Designer, and a Web Developer.

As a child of a teacher mother and an advertiser father, I grew up in a life that is around education and designing all the time.

I believe that I can teach most of my skills efficiently. This is mostly thanks to my education faculty degree. Moreover, visually, I can do almost anything on computers. As a matter of fact, I have put this skills to use for a while as an advertiser like my father. Also, even I do not do it professionally; I spend my free times with 3D modeling, Indie game developing and Mobile App designing.

I love to be a part of team projects. I took part in a project that aims to create an Easy to Use Sign Language Dictionary as a Web Designer, a Mobile App Programmer, and a Photographer in 2016. I also helped a few amateur short movie projects as a video editor and sound designer for fun. I believe that all that teamwork experiences were priceless. And I am looking forward to more projects like those.

I also enjoy amateur engineering and working with mechanically systems. I love to learn handy skills and technical aspects of everything. I have experiences with a lot of Power-Tools, CNC and Laser Engraving machines, and I have learned how to use them on the go. Usually, I fix most of the broken stuff in my house myself. And I love to spend time on DIY projects and creating gadgets that make things easier. So, you can count me a “Maker”.

Also, I love animals. They are all beautiful. And I can happily spend time with them too. Maybe it is ironic for some, but as a technology lover, I love nature too. I always dreamed of a place that people live nested with nature and ride only electric cars and bicycles, without any racial or religious discrimination.

PS: My Turkish name is “Barış” (Barış Balatlıoğlu) ​which means “peace” in English. But, usually I don’t use my Turkish name and “Barış” pronounces kind of similar to “Bruce”.